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The Gospel of Damascus by Omar Imady

The Gospel of Damascus: The Golden Scrolls

In the year 1966, a mother gives birth, a configuration of angels assembles, and a golden scroll is opened. A riddle is born.  

The story follows the life of Yune Bukhari, a young Syrian man, as he prepares for the Second Coming, secretly guided by eight angels – serious and strange, flamboyant and fascinating – who solve seven cryptic commands contained in golden scrolls which gradually reveal their mission on earth. 

The Gospel of Damascus: The Golden Scrolls is a renowned work of literature translated into several languages. Omar Imady takes us on a journey that unites people of all faiths, providing a profound perspective on individual truths, spirituality, and humankind as a whole. The novel offers a message of optimism for all ages, one which is especially relevant to the challenges of our modern world.

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