The Gospel of Damascus

By Omar Imady

In The Gospel of Damascus, a Book of the Year Award (BOTYA) finalist, Imady weaves together Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions to tell a story of a strong yet flawed human being who tries to prepare the world for a seemingly impossible event. A Damascene man born to a Christian mother and a Muslim father is chosen as one of the successors to the Disciples of Christ, a complex process full of spiritual and sensual experiences which is guided by messages in golden scrolls that only angels can open on specific dates. Beyond telling a compelling story in elegant yet accessible language, Imady has a distinct talent to infuse his writing with vivid and moving imagery. Rich characters transport readers to places and events as if they were watching it all unfold before their very eyes. “Recommended” by US Review of Books and featured as a “reviewer’s choice” by MidWest Book Review.

 ISBN: 978-1940178493

222 pages

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