The VMP Team

Giovanni Donatelli

An award-winning entrepreneur, Giovanni founded a successful language services company in 1999, and has since established the company as a leading language services company across the U.S. He is also co-founder of an online school and co-founder of Villa Magna Publishing. Giovanni has served on the Board of Directors for the Joint National Committee on Languages since 2018, and served on the Board of Directors of the Association of Language Companies from 2010-2016.

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Giovanni has been a guest speaker on language access issues to numerous organizations around the country and is regarded as a foremost leader in language access programs. At VMP, Giovanni contributes as a partner, President and Publisher. He makes sure all of VMP’s creative endeavors have the right financial, legal, and operational foundation.
A native of Pescara, Italy, Giovanni received his MBA from the College of William and Mary and his BS in Finance from Virginia Tech. When he is away from the office, Giovanni enjoys a good game of tennis and a walk on the beach with his wife and two vizslas.

Rocío Txabarriaga

A Certified Global Business Professional, Rocío’s career has never been boring. She has been an executive, an independent consultant, a research analyst, a freelance linguist, and the owner of several businesses. She has contributed her expertise and passion to language services, market research, instructional technology, content globalization and compliance, and of course, publishing.

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Rocío has worked as editor and contributing editor for several well-known U.S. educational and medical publishers since 2001, and as co-owner and Chief Editor at an academic press from 2012-2019.

Her own writings include several applied linguistics books as author and co-author.
As Chief Editor and Executive Vice President at VMP, Rocío is responsible for overseeing end-to-end editorial and publishing quality operations.
Rocío’s degrees in applied linguistics, translation and international business management include a double MA from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, CA. She speaks five human languages fluently, and is also proficient in two web programming languages. Since Rocío loves her work, she would happily spend all her waking hours doing just that, but she has a dog…

Starla Keith

A life-long reader and writer, Starla has spent most of her career as a sales and marketing operations executive in the fields of healthcare, technology and language services for Fortune 100 and mid-sized companies, as well as start-ups.
When she is not working, Starla can be found on her farm outside of Philadelphia, sitting on a stump in the middle of a paddock, reading to her cats, goats, donkeys… and to herself, of course!

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Prior to moving to Pennsylvania, Starla spent many years in Los Angeles writing, producing and starring in several productions at the Globe Theatre, as a television actress and a commercial talent agent. She was also the owner and operator of a restaurant on the famous Sunset Boulevard.
As a partner and Chief Marketing Officer of VMP, Starla is able to marry her creative side with her experience as a successful business executive in a venture she is passionate about.
Starla has an MBA in Marketing from the Grazadio School of Business at Pepperdine University, and a BS from the School of Journalism at the University of Colorado.
Starla is currently reading Romola by George Eliot and The Power of Myth, by Joseph Campbell. Her favorite quote at the moment is something Campbell was fond of reminding everyone he came in contact with, that “one sure path into the world runs along the printed page.”
The farm animals are currently enjoying the Goat and Donkey in Strawberry Sunglasses, by Puttock and Julian.

Noel Hagman

Noel Hagman is an artist, designer, and creative consultant with experience in multimedia art, fashion, jewelry, holistic beauty and wellness. Born in Los Angeles, CA into a celebrity family, she grew up with a unique perspective of the entertainment industry, and had the luxury of being exposed to a truly dynamic creative world, surrounded by artistic legends, prolific pioneers and many rarities in between.

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With the intention of pursuing a career as a foreign correspondent or in broadcast journalism, she moved to NYC and got her bachelor’s degree in International Affairs at The New School. Upon graduating, she chose instead to embark on her first entrepreneurial endeavor and created a collection of “wearable shoe art,” with each design telling a unique story. This quickly turned into a successful business, gaining a celebrity clientele, and having multiple designs featured in gallery installations, fashion shows, press photos, fashion editorials and red-carpet events.
Over the past few years, she followed her heart and moved to Istanbul, became a mother of three, and has continued her journey as both an artist and creative consultant to business innovators.
Joining VMP as a partner, Chief Creative Officer and Associate Editor was the perfect opportunity for Noel to combine her passion – really more of an addiction – for storytelling, in all of its media, with her background in creative design. She is responsible for marketing, content management and overall production of publications, social media, design and branding.