Our Space

Dear Reader,

Thanks for finding us amongst the six-plus billion websites and more than 600 million blogs on the internet.  

Did you know there are close to five million blog posts published in our world each and every day?  People blog for many reasons, but the essence of blogging is that it’s simply a means of sharing.   It could be a product or service, or it might be an idea, a connection, a change, an experience or a cause.

Most blogs are still written, or at least influenced, by humans.  Until we get to a place where everything is a product of artificial intelligence (we hope not soon!), just think about how many people are behind all these words.  The words that reveal their thoughts, jobs, interests and aspirations.

And with that foremost in mind, we invite you to come into… Our Space.

We want you to get to know us, the people behind VMP.   And through us, we want you to get to know (and love) the authors and artists who inspire us, some of whom we have the privilege to represent.

In the coming weeks, dear reader, you will find posted here things we care about; books, writing, social causes, lifestyle choices, family, spiritual health, events, works of art, films, words, artists.  Most of all, we hope that you will respond to and contribute with things that matter to you.

Our best to all,

The VMP Partners and Editorial Committee